Upcoming Books

“How to Get Out of the Business-8 Sex Workers Reveal Life Changing Strategies” is under the editor’s brutal knife currently and will be ready in 2018.


“Strive! A Handbook For Awesomeness” is a part of the Head Start Public Speaking For Kids curriculum and can be used when you hire me for your Youth Speaking Program!  There is nothing like this anywhere on the planet!  The challenges in this book are creative, innovative, a little scary and a lot rewarding.  Want to change your child’s life?  Right here folks.

STRIVEv2 (1)


The Stripper Memoir is  half way written at 122,000 words.  That is simply stunning to me and of course, all I’m doing right now is vomiting words.  I think draft 2 is where the hardest work will be.  I’m going to predict the Memoir will be ready for release in 2018.  I’m also going to predict the winning lotto numbers.

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