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Possibility: This is What We Live For

What a word. I LIVE for it. Humanity has SO much possibility, it’s thrilling. I love to fantasize about possibilities. About the amazing things we could, as a species, accomplish. The art, the culture and languages. The cures, the pleasures, the sex, the undiscovered, the explorations into inner and outer worlds. I like to think about ‘what

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pride hate

My Greatest Shame or Where The Rubber Meets the Road – Part 3

When we last left the little redheaded girl,  she had just become a Jesus Freak, moved in with a total stranger 3000 miles away from home, quit her job and joined a church that became nationally, notoriously anti-gay. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. I honestly don’t remember many actual conversations about the actual morality of being

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My Greatest Shame or Where The Rubber Meets the Road – Part 2

When we last left the little redheaded girl, she had just purchased a plane ticket to British Columbia to be with Liam – a man she had met and been with for one night and spent many hours talking on the phone with. One conversation over the Christmas holidays was particularly memorable. We talked about

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What do sex workers have in common with children?

Marginalized voices and vulnerable bodies. Who better then, to teach your kids how to walk through their fear and into their confidence? My former speaking coach, Rich Hopkins and I had a lovely quick chat about, kids, speaking, stripping and winning anyway! Rich was a really important part of my spiritual evolution.  For a couple

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