So much has happened since my last post, almost 4 months ago that obviously I have not had time to write here.  But I want to tell you what happened because it is a BIG pivot.

My comedy class got CANCELLED.  I was DEVASTATED.  They didn’t have enough students to run it.

However, the same DAY, I was accepted into an SFU program for new entrepreneurs called LEAP (Local Entrpreneurship Accelerator) and the LEAP class was actually the same day of the week that the comedy class was to have been on.  WTH???

I felt like the Source or whatever you’d like to call it was directing me.  “This way Paula.  We have literal business to take care of first.”

So I took this weekly class for 10 weeks and had HOURS of homework every week- maybe 8-10 hours every week.

Good thing Meg is independent enough to direct her learning because I was relatively useless in home schooling for 2 and a half months.  It was super intense and I learned so much.  I really felt like I entered another realm.  And I was shocked at how excited by it all I was.  I always think of myself as an artist- a creative- and I understand that entrepreneurs are creatives too.  But there is ART about this whole process and SCIENCE too and it is exciting as hell to learn more every day and make decisions that affect the bottom line – I never understood this side of business before really.  I appreciate it in a whole new way.

I’d say this class pushed my business forward a YEAR, maybe more.  I did a ton of market research and it gave me the confidence to do the thing I’ve been WANTING to do since the get-go but wasn’t sure IF or HOW I could with Head Start and that is FRANCHISE the model.

I believe I have a solid, no, an incredible model that does real good in this world and that makes a difference in the lives of kids and I am constantly changing it to make it the best I can.   I know there is a demand for this and there is no competition in North America as of yet.  I am making the moves to go forward.  I feel as excited about Head Start as when I first started!  I feel like I got a good swift kick in the ass that didn’t hurt.  I have made good friends that I can count on for help.

I made the pitch of my life at the finale and although I didn’t win the big prize, I feel like I did in the people I met  and the connections I made.  It all feels very FATEFUL.  I am super psyched.
Needless to say, 100% of my energy is going into Head Start for now until I have reached lift off.  My memoir is still something VERY important to me and I will write it – my daughter deserves my entire story, in fact I believe many people do, but I NEED to make moves now for the health of my business and make sure there is a tomorrow.

And WHILE I was in the middle of the LEAP course, I was nominated for a Business Excellence Award for Home Based Business on the Sunshine Coast and bloody well won!  So as you can see, Source or Universe or Energy or whatever, is really focusing me on Head Start Public Speaking For Kids right now so that is where my energy will be.  I am pysched.


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  1. Vivien Reply

    So excited for you Paula! What a great achievement, and I think Head Start Public Speaking for Kids was and is a great idea. How many of us have looked back at our public speaking journeys and thought “I wish I did this sooner!” Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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